Welcome to www.bandes.com

This domain, www.bandes.com, will be soon be available at auction (or purchase).

Beginning on December 15th of this year, 2016, until January 15th, 2017, the domain name, bandes.com, will be put up for auction on ebay.com.

There are many derivatives of the domain name, ‘bandes’ out there but this is an opportunity to own THE bandes.com, now owned by me, James Richard Bandes, for over 15 years.

There will be a stated minimum starting price so this auction is for serious bidders.

However, as of this posting, for those who may wish to bypass the ebay process, I will consider offers made direct through any  of the means listed below. I will consider offers up until 12:00 AM EST the day of the ebay posting. If I find an acceptable one  has been made, I will cancel the proposed ebay listing.

Payment will be made by mutual agreement.

All bids/offers/payment will be in U.S. dollars.


Contact Information

James Richard Bandes                                                3080 Brownhelm Station Road                         Vermilion, Ohio   U.S.A                                                                                  Phone: 1+440-258-9620                                          Email: bandesworld@bandes.net

Because of differences in time zones, you may leave a message and your call will be returned.

bandes.com is registered through Network Solutions,

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